Global establishes a unique selection process, ensuring the same standard of quality and service for all its customers wherever they may be.

Pessoa sendo escolhida entre um grupo de candidatos


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    After receiving and analyzing the profile of the vacancy, our selection department will conduct the process, in order to meet the culture and needs of the contracting company;
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    Recruitment and sorting of curricula through computer databases and advertisements in the media (newspaper, websites, social networks, plaques, radio and others);
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    Individual or collective interviews by our selectors, according to the client’s request and complexity of the vacancy, which may follow the following criteria: technical and / or behavioral;
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    When requested by clients, we promote application of group dynamics, situational tests and psychological tests;
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    Post-recruitment follow-up and administration.

Methods used

Atenção concentrada (AC)


Atenção concentrada dividida e alternada (AOL)


Atenção fatorial de personalidade (AC 15)





Habilidades para o trabalho mental

Parecer de entrevista por competência

Teste de atenção difusa (TEDIF)

Diagnósticos, otimização e métricas (DOM)

Inventário fatorial de personalidade (IFP II)

Questionário de avaliação tipológica (QUATI)

Teste de atenção dividida (AD) e sustentada (AS)



Integration and sequencing of processes

Our monitoring procedure begins at the moment the selection forwards the curriculum for client analysis or with the candidate’s referral directly.

In this second option, the candidate will be with Global’s referral letter. The curriculum, detailed opinion of the interview and the results of the tests applied as requested by the client, will be forwarded by e-mail to the requesting party.

Also part of this procedure, our selector will follow the process with the client to obtain position of the position, such as:

  • utilization;
  • approval of the referred candidates;
  • profile adjustment;
  • additional forwarding resumes, if necessary.


The return of the customer as to their satisfaction is of fundamental importance for the agility of the whole process.

At the moment of approval of the candidate, being he temporary, celetista or trainee, will be monitored by the administrative area. In this process, the candidate will obtain all the administrative, legal and operational information, obeying the criterion of administrative procedure of the client.

We understand that this monitoring continues even after the end of the contract. Any changes in this procedure may be appropriate to the customer’s requirements as requested.

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