As a company that provides services in Human Resources, Global could not do its part, returning to society what it directly or indirectly shares with it.

Currently, Global is a partner of two institutions: the “Abrinq Foundation“, which promotes the defense of rights and the exercise of citizenship of children and adolescents, and the “Boldrini Children’s Center“, an institution that cares for children, adolescents and young adults carriers of blood diseases or cancer, through medical and multiprofessional care.

Contributing in a sustainable way to the preservation of the planet is everyone’s responsibility. To preserve the “Environment” we implement the “reuse of paper” policy, recycling everything that is possible. The same with our publicity material, distributed to the external public, made in recycled paper and with FSC certification – the most recognized green seal in the world -, which ensures the preservation of the environment and contributes to the social and economic development of the communities is ecologically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally appropriate.

A citizen company is one that is aware of its role and thinks of the community, its society, its clients and its team to think about itself; and understands that the benefit is everyone’s when there is cooperation.

This is how Global has set its goals of Social and Environmental Responsibility. We hope, over the years, to do even more for the planet and for the country in which we live.

Logo Boldrini

Boldrini Children's Center

Reference in medicine, Boldrini offers high technology in diagnosis and complete service infrastructure. Different lines of research permeate their daily lives, stimulating new discoveries in pediatric oncology and hematology.

Assistance, Teaching and Research in pediatric oncology and hematology, within a context of humanized and multiprofessional care, with the most modern equipment and high professional qualification. This is the mission of the Boldrini Children’s Center.

Logo Abrinq

Abrinq Foundation

Have you considered a Brazil where all children and adolescents have their rights guaranteed? Vacancies at school, quality education, access to health, protection against violence, child labor and different types of fragilities. A Brazil in which they can grow, play, learn, develop and become protagonists of their own stories.

This is the dream of the Abrinq Foundation! And for that, it acts as a bridge between who wants to help and who needs help. Donors, volunteers, organizations, companies and municipalities are great partners in this mission.