In 1986, the year in which it inaugurated its first unit in Santo André, Global already anticipated the business model that would later become a dominant practice in modern corporations, outsourcing labor.

Even before the term “outsourcing” was part of the day-to-day business of organizations, Global already provided recruitment, selection and hiring services, helping its clients to stay focused on their business and gain agility in those times of competition fierce

In the 1990s, the opening of the Brazilian economy to international transactions brought greater technological development and profoundly altered consumer behavior. Global, once again, was poised for market transformations. Computerized several stages of the selection services and invested in the opening of new branches. All to offer a more agile and tailor-made service to its customers.

In the 2000s, Global entered the 21st century with ISO 9001 certification, an achievement that symbolizes commitment to quality, ethics and customer respect. In its more than 30 years of activity, pioneering and the constant search for innovation have made Global what it is today: the company that creates a new concept in selective processes and human resources management.


To serve our clients in the measure of their needs, aiming at their full satisfaction, continuously seeking the improvement of our services and our management system.


To expand our work to the four corners of Brazil, consolidating our role as a reference company in providing services in Human Resources, Temporary Labor and in CLT, Trainee Administration, Recruitment and Selection, and effectively contributing with the country in generation of employment and income.


In order to guide its activities in the area of service rendering, Global chose as its values ethics, respect for its collaborator and commitment to all the public with whom it relates. Since 1986, Global has put these values into practice in their daily lives.

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