Reduce labor costs and expenses

We offer quick solution to meet a special demand.

Full time

More than 4 million registered professionals

We do detailed studies and technical analysis to reach the best candidate.

Third Party

We manage the contract and payroll

We serve companies with a focus on their core business.


We are partners of several colleges

We identify skilled and integrated workforce in the corporate culture.


We direct the professional to a self-analysis

We help the professional in the search of a replacement in the job market.

Psychological Evaluation

We identify the appropriate profile for your vacancy

We evaluate the psychological aspects through properly validated tests.

our greatest differential,


Global establishes a unique selection process, ensuring the same standard of quality and service for all its customers wherever they may be.

We have a highly specialized team and we make evaluations to reach the best candidate. For this, we carry out individual, collective and competence interviews, group dynamics, among others.

In addition, we have an integrated system among all the units, we have a base of more than 4 million resumes and we have access to all online recruitment tools such as LinkedIn Recruiters, Facebook and more.

Know all the steps of our selection process.

The Global

Provider of services in human resources for companies of all sizes, since 1986 operating in the Brazilian market, has become one of the largest employment agencies in Brazil. Global has 16 branches in the country and is present in 4 Brazilian states.

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