Global stablishes a single Selection Process, guarantying the same quality and service to all our clients wherever they might be.

We count with a highly specialized team to evaluate and reach the best candidate. Therefore, we conduct individual interviews, in groups and by competence, group dynamics, among other methods.

Beyond that, we own a system integrating all our units, we count with a database with more than 3 million resumes and access to online candidates gathering tools such as Linkedin Recruiters, Facebook and more.

Quick solutions to special demands

Reduce costs and labor expenses.


There are more than 3 million professionals in our database

We count with a highly qualified team that cares of all the steps of the process.


We assist companies focusing in their main activity

We manage contracts and payrolls.


We are partners with the most prestigious educational institutions in Brazil

We take care of every detail of management and legal requirements.


We orientate professional to self-analysis

We help professionals with their outplacement.


We identify the adequate profile to your job vacancy.

We evaluate psychological aspects through validated tests.


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We offer our customers solutions that reduces the costs and labor expenses through temporary labor force, a quick solution to meet special demands from a complementary demand, service increase or seasonal periods, with contracts due to 180 days renewable for 90 more days, consecutive or not, maybe getting to 270 days, originated from unpredictable events or even replacement of employees on medical or maternity leave, vacation (law 6019/1974).

Full time

We have over three million professionals of various sectors registered in our database. To meet this demand, we have a highly qualified team of Psychologists, Human Resources, Administrators and Legislators, who take care of all stages of hiring process: from the selection of professionals to contract management. We provide exclusive service, with our exclusive channel for clearing doubts and support in general, besides having technological/systemic infrastructure that enables us to manage a great number of contracts and services.

Third Party

We also offer contract and payroll management meeting the needs with deadlines higher than the periods stipulated by temporary hire or even projects and demands with indetermined deadline.


We are partners of the most prestigious educational institutions in Brazil and we offer our customers the Global New Talents Database, formed by people ready to transform the knowledge they acquired during graduation into quality products and services.

Besides establishing a communication channel between companies and young talents, we hire and manage every detail, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements so our clients have full security.

This is how many of the most competent professionals started their careers – and, for companies, this is the most efficient way to shape skilled workforce, who are integrated with the corporate culture. (Law 11.788/2008).


This is a project we develop in a singular way, according to the needs of the company. It aims to humanize the layoffs through the support offered to these professionals while preparing them in finding a new job.

Psychological Evaluation

The aim is to evaluate the psychological aspects of professionals, through tools such as psychological tests, scales and inventories, properly validated by the class organs (CRP/CFP) and interpreted by our specialized team.

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